Alqvimia Cosmetics

The Alqvimia cosmetics line is all-natural and is made from the most high-end and purest ingredients from around the world. The company has designed its products using the principles of the old Spanish School of Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Cosmetics and Alchemy in combination with the latest advancements in beauty research. As a result, Alqvimia’s products are a fusion of the ancient art of aromatherapy and the purest botanical ingredients. The cosmetics and skin care lines are a perfect balance between science and art, and provide luxurious care for your body and soul.

An oasis of peace and tranquillity

This holistic ritual provides complete relaxation and emotional balance. An individualized facial treatment will be formulated for the specific needs of the client’s skin and then complemented by a relaxing body treatment. The treatment uses a unique combination of essential oils with anti-stress properties to create a sense of peace and harmony.

The Ritual of Cleopatra

This sensual beauty ritual for women consists of a rejuvenating facial and an aromatherapy body treatment. The treatment combines the rare oils of myrrh and frankincense that return softness and a youthful glow to the skin, resulting in renewed confidence and overall radiance.

Silhouette Slimming Treatment

The Silhouette Slimming Treatments focus on overall detoxification of the body including, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of circulation, resulting in superior hydration and oxygenation. After completing the course of treatments, clients may see a significant improvement in body shaping and the appearance of cellulite.

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