Price List: Ayurvedic therapies

30,00 € HEAD MASSAGE (Shiro Abyanga)
Oil is applied to the head, and is absorbed into the scalp through the roots of the hair. This nourishes, lubricates, and strengthens the hair roots and the skin of the scalp preventing hair loss and premature graying. It improves circulation to the head. relaxing the muscles and nerve fibers. (20 min)
20,00 € FACIAL MASSAGE (Muka Abhyanga)
This massage sequence draws on the ancient wisdom of the Ayurvedic system and works locally and reflexively. Locally, to improve the skin and uplift the face, and reflexively to relax and deeply nourish the whole body. (20 min)
60,00 € WHOLE BODY MASSAGE (Abhyanga)
The whole body massage is always given with different types of oil depending on the body type (i.e. vata, pitta, kapha, or a combination). It is very beneficial for general rejuvenation, skin and musculoskeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity, body aches, and pain. A steam or a herbal bath is recommended for a complete relaxation The calming synergy of the Ayurveda oils and deep massage strokes relax the mind and soothe body.
30,00 € NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE (Griiva / Skandah Abhyanga)
Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress related conditions as the neck and the shoulder area is so often stiff and tense. (30 min)
24,00 € CHEST MASSAGE (Vaksha Abhyanga)
A special massage is performed on the chest. Benefits of the chest massage: Stimulates the heart, increases circulation, stimulates the capillaries of the blood vascular system, stimultes the lungs. (30 min)
24,00 € ARM MASSAGE (Baahu Abhyanga)
Headaches, neck pain, and aching shoulders or tired hands can all be caused by tension in the arms. Massaging the arms helps the arms and shoulders to relax, and can alleviate many of these problems. (30 min)
24,00 € HAND MASSAGE (Hastha Abhyanga)
Hand Massage works deeply by stimulating acupuncture points and energy meridians that run through the hands to the tips of the fingers. And, like foot reflexology, the hand has areas that are associated with the various organs and systems within the body. This helps the body deal more easily with the extra toxins that you release through the hand massage. (20 min)
30,00 € LEG MASSAGE (Pada Abhyanga)
By stimulating the circulation, massage brings blood and nutrients to the legs and helps to prevent varicose veins. More active people can use leg massage as a warm-up before exercise and to get rid of tightness or cramp in the muscles afterwards. Deep, firm massage on the large muscles will help to dispel fatigue. Gentle stroking up the legs towards the lymph nodes can help to reduce puffiness or swelling. (30 min)
30,00 € FOOT MASSAGE (PadaAbhyanga) WITH FOOT BATH ( Padavagaha)
During foot massage, special attention is focused on the "tender spots”. This massage produces a reflect effect on the internal organs as well as creating a combined soothing and invigorating effect. Massage of the feet prevents and cures dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue, and cracking of the heels. It is wonderful for relieving acute pain, improving posture, as well as health of the organs. (30 min)
24,00 € BACK MASSAGE (Paschima Abhyanga)
The back massage is performed with "pain reducing herbal oils" on the back and along the spine. Back massage can have profoundly relaxing effect, lowering stress levels, easing pain and inducing a blissful state of repose. (20 min)
A special massage with herbal oil is performed on multiple joints. Relieves aches, pains an stiffness in the joints. (30 min)
80,00 € POWDER MASSAGE (Udvartana)
Udvartana means to elevate or to promote. The name can be attributed to the treatment's ability to improve the body condition which cleanses the skin and increases circulation in the body. (70 min)
The central portion of the body is called kativasti implies a container. Kativasti is an effective therapy for Katisula, which is the term for lower backache or stiffness or pain felt along the back. The effected area may be gently massaged with the same oil. The guest is then advised take rest for a short while. (45 min)
This is a highly effective rejuvenation technique where oil is poured on to the body. piccichil is very special from of massage which involves the continuous dripping of oil on to the body from a piece of cloth dipped in oil, while the masseur massages the body with soft, gentle strokes without exerting too much pressure. It must be done under medical supervision. (60 min)
A special procedure of sudation. It induces sweat, removes stiffness of joints and makes the body supple. Cleanses the body channels. It is invigorating and restorative. (3 day's 30 min)
20,00 € STEAM BATH (Washpa Sweda Kutiya)
The body is enclosed in a wooden steam box after first receiving an oil massage. The heating and cleansing effect of the steam is enhanced by the addition of various herbs and medicinal oils. Makes the skin fresh and supple, stimulates circulation and open up the glands. (10 to 20 min)
Shiro Dhara is the process of running a fine stream of warm Ayurvedic oils on the "third eye" area of the forehead for a period of approximately 45 min a day for period of 3 days. (50 min)
44,00 € FACIALS (Mukaubtan)
To cleanse, moisturise and soothe the skin. (45 min)
52,00 € PICHU
Pichu and Shirovasti are theoretically the same except for the modes of application, which vary slightly. Both treatments are for ailments affecting the region above the neck, especially due to disrupt Vata doshas. Pichu is also used to treat some ailments of the cranial nerves. A herbal bath may follow pichu. (3 day's 30 min)
A special application to relieve bodily aches & pains. This plastering procedure may also be used for the entire body inorder to restore the "doshas" to normalcy and as a complete rejuvenation of the body. Relieves: bodily stiffness, aches & pains in the body. Reduces Pain & burning sensation of the skin. (3 day's 30 min)
72,00 € BODY WRAP (Shariira Ubtan)
Specially prepared herbal paste is applied all over the body. Revitalizing bodily issues. (70 min)
20,00 € Kräuterdampfbad (Schwitzbox)
In einer Box aus edlem Margoza Holz wird der ganze Körper von wohltuendem Kräuterdampf umhüllt. Die Poren öffnen sich, Giftstoffe werden ausgeschwitzt. Besonders effektiv nach einer Massage. Die Behandlung wirkt ebenfalls Muskel entspannend, schleimlösend und stärkt das Immunsystem. Anschließend sollten Sie ruhen. (20 minuten)
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of an appointment for a massage or other spa treatment may be made 2 hours prior to the reservation without penalty. However, if an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled in less than two hours prior to the reservation, or if a guest fails to arrive, the guest will be billed as follows: 500,-CZK for 30 minute massages or treatments; or 1000,-CZK for 60 minute massages or treatments. Late arrivals will result in a shortened appointment.

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